jobs and education 2

Committed to Improving the Quality of Life in District 118


As the son of a retired public school principal, I am committed to improving the quality of our education system.  In order to break the cycle of poverty, we must have an educated workforce to attract high paying jobs to the district.


As a business owner, I employ over 400 people in the IT industry.  With experience in creating jobs, I can tell you that a quality education system, public safety, and good infrastructure are the keys to bringing more jobs to District 118.


As a former deputy sheriff and retired firefighter with 25 years of service, I know, first hand, the importance of public safety.  Whether securing our border from drug cartels, crime in District 118, or a tire dump health hazard, I will fight for your safety!


Veterans have done their job in protecting us.  Now we must do our job to ensure all veterans receive the care and respect befitting their service and sacrifice.