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John is guided by his service to God, family, and community. He uses these principles and his life experiences to inform his actions.
Reduce Property Taxes
  • John Lujan is committed to reigning in skyrocketing property taxes and provide real tax relief for our families. He will fight to ensure no Texan is taxed out of their home.

Support Public Education
Fully Fund Public Schools
  • As the son of a lifelong educator, John knows that a quality education is key to preparing our next generation to succeed. John will push to increase funding for local schools and put money directly into our classrooms where it belongs. 


Protect Children from Radical Transgender Ideology
  • John Lujan knows that gender confusion is the last thing we need to be piling onto our kids. He will fight the federal agenda of indoctrinating children with transgender ideology and will never allow drag shows or transgender studies in our schools.

Access to Higher Education
  • As a member of the Higher Education committee, John will continue to work with local colleges and trade schools to provide opportunities for young students for future success.

Improving Health Care
Increase Access to Maternal Health Care
  • Texas needs to do better for mothers, babies, and young families. John Lujan supports expanding health care services for pregnant women and new mothers by ensuring it is more affordable.

Improving Access to Health Care
  • Access to quality health care should never be considered a luxury, that is why John supports reforms to our health care system that will expand access to care and keep hospital pricing transparent.

Secure The Border
Additional Law Enforcement
  • John support efforts to increase protection and supplement local law enforcement to secure the border.

Protect Against Violent Criminals
  • Bexar County has experienced the negative consequences of relaxed federal policies at the border. John will fight to crack down on human trafficking and cartels that bring violent crime to our communities.

Support Our Community Heroes
  • The men and women who served this great nation put their lives on the line for our freedom. John is proud to support Veterans and their families with the services they need, including mental health resources, support for the disabled, and other health care benefits.

Stand with First Responders
  • John was a firefighter with the San Antonio Fire Department for 25 years and will be a voice for all our first responders in the legislature. He will work to ensure they have the training and support they need to keep all Texans safe. 

Support Our Troops
  • Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph plays a vital role both defending our country and supporting our local economy. John will work to preserve their mission and support our active military members and Veterans that call Bexar County home. 


Protecting Foster Children
  • John is committed to passing legislation that protects foster care children so they have every opportunity to succeed. As a foster parent, John knows the importance of providing children with a safe and stable environment to grow.

Encourage Economic Development
  • Energy is at the bedrock of our Texas economy. John Lujan supports our state's oil and gas industry. He will work to help them increase supply, create good Texas jobs, and bring down gas prices.

Fight Bad Economic Policies
  • As someone who has grown his own small business, John Lujan knows firsthand what a disaster the federal government’s policies have been for our economy. With skyrocketing inflation and high gas prices, we must make a change. John Lujan will fight for fiscally sound policies that support small businesses, help families prosper, and grow local jobs.

Support Small Business
  • A successful business owner, John Lujan understands how important it is to support small businesses and provide the resources they need to succeed. He will cut unnecessary red tape that burdens small businesses.

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